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Web Design Process

Our Web Design Process

Step 1
Our first step is to determine your goals on the web. What image would you like to reflect? Who’s your target audience? What should your website accomplish? Knowing your target audience and your specific goals ensures both of our success. We determine your budget and the initial deposit is made.
Step 2
After researching your business and target audience, we design mock ups of your website’s user interface. Your input is used to develop an interface that you and your customers will enjoy.
Step 3
Once you are satisfied with the interface, your website is fully coded and a demonstration is placed on the web. Your content is added to the pages and any changes you require are then made.
Step 4
When the website is deemed complete, it is placed on your live domain name and made available to your customers. Most web designers would now consider their job complete.
Step 5
Just because your website is online and you can view it does not mean that our job is complete. It’s our responsibility to ensure that your customers can find you. At this point, we begin a basic search engine marketing campaign on your website. Once your website can be found by searching your business name in a search engine, we consider this step complete.
Step 6
Lastly, we review your website’s performance and go over any necessary changes. Your future search engine optimization and marketing needs are then considered.

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